Nothing brings people together like holidays and messaging apps. And nothing makes special occasions even more memorable like special guests, live rocking music, great food and a cozy while festive ambiance.

Samovar Restaurant and Piano Bar on W 52nd Street right off Broadway had it all to make this 2014 New Year celebration unforgettable.
The party beat the drum in a classic Russian tradition treating the guests to exquisite Russian culinary goodness, uplifting live music and 80 proof toasts to the great new beginnings.
Being a bohemian hotspot since its door first opened in 1986, Samovar has not changed its ways till present days. They still have a classy feel and terrific Live music every night with occasional guests from the Met or Lincoln Center. This New Year’s Eve the Restaurant was proud to have Jan Koum as a guest. He is the CEO at the world leading messaging app Watsapp. An ex-Yahoo! was making merry in the company of close friends and gladly smiling for the cameras. When the clock stroke 12, following the parade of popping champagne corks Mr. Koum spoke his greeting to all of the guests and thanked Samovar for inviting him to the party.

The New Year Extravaganza went on until the bottles flashed the empty bottoms and the musicians broke the strings. No need to say more. The photos from the event is an indisputable evidence. And in case you want to experience “Classic Russia in the heart of New York” on your own, swing by Samovar. Make sure to order a some exceptional flavored vodkas like horseradish, pomegranate and pear. Remember the Russian belief that the truth behind dull parties is simply very little vodka.

Author: Veronica Lungu
Photo: Petya Kitsul
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06 января 2014