Every now and then people are complaining about "Good Old Days" and how great everything was "back then", the grass was greener, the music better, the food was tastier, getting laid was easier, etc..

Well, we (at EventCartel.com) heard that, and decided to save the situation by introducing people to our own time machine that has the ability to bring people to the "Good Old Days" . We will be testing our "Time Machine" on Thursday, November 20th in Brooklyn! For the first test we decided to travel not so far back and pick the era of the 90's of the 20th century.
We will take you all the way to Russia of the 90's! Be prepared to experience your favorite things Again! That includes but not limited to the following:

-Your Favorite Movies from the 90's
- Your Favorite 90's Music (We'll even bring some REAL Super Stars from the 90's)
- Your favorite 90's treats (remember those Love Is chewing gum?)
- Your Friends from the 90's! (some maybe not so pleasant to see though..)
- And Much Much More!

However, we need to warn you that due to the EXTREME popularity of the time machine we will only sell tickets to that trip for a limited time, so please make sure to obtain your travel ticket ASAP here: http://eventcartel.com/

See you in the Time Machine!

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Sasha Мышь Серая 
25 октября 2014