What else could be better than a stylish bag? You don’t have to wear fashionable clothes or shiny shoes. You just take "Gepherrini" bag with you. At first what catches your eye is a name of the brand "Gepherrini". Then you are fascinated by variety of colors and models. The simplicity is combined with the new style. When you take a bag in your hand you feel genuine leather, and see fashionable model with traditional ornaments. After a while when you leave the shop it becomes your obsession and you always look at others bags if they are as perfectly designed as "Gepherrini" bags. But soon you will discover that "Gepherrini" bags are different and the feeling of being special creeps inside you. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing, no more focus on shoes or a dress, just carry "Gepherrini" bag and feel special.

"Gepherrini" Handbags are unique, classy, valuable and suitable for all of our customers. We have specially handmade and limited models as well. They are made in Europe (Tbilisi, Georgia) with Italian genuine leather. That is why our slogan is "Be Inspired by European Quality ". Our company is based in New York City and is promoting the brand all over the USA. In order to make shopping more comfortable and convenient, we agreed that the cost of shipping and handling in the U.S territory will be 0$. Our Brand has already become popular in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Odessa, Tbilisi, etc.

Our products are made by experienced professionals. We take pride in our customers satisfaction.

Visit our online store http://www.gepherrini.com or call us (929) 363-3430 for more info.

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Misha Iogansen 
22 декабря 2016