The 2015 is already here which means is new fashion trends are on they way. Its time to clean up your closet and get rid of all the things that keeping you away from fresh new start!
So here are 5 "MUST HAVE" fashion resolutions that you need to look at and some of the old things that definitely needs to put away in the box.
- Dresses
In the Box: Floral and maxi dresses
Trend: Its been too long on trend. Im sure each and every girls has at least one floral maxi dress hanging somewhere in the closet. Well, for those who never even liked it I'm gladly letting you know that It'll be gone for at least this spring/summer. And with a peace of mind all floral dresses going away in the box! Classic shape and drop waist, shirtdresses that whats runway is screaming about.
- Its all about patterns!
In the box: Plain one colored boring shirts and tops!
Trend: Gingham, silhouettes, patters and textures. Don't avoid it for spring time its all about it.
- Coats and jackets _
In the box: Jackie O type of jackets
Trend: Kimono style tranche coats, were all over the runway shows. They comfortable, loose and in trend this season.
- _Belts

In the box: Plate stretch waist belts
Trend: Obi belts. Will go with absolutely any dress, loose shirt, jumpsuit and even coat.
- Shoes
In the box: Greek style sandals. Be ready to forget about this type of shoes this summer, new "old" trend is back from 90s
Trend: Flats, slides and sneakers.

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Alice Parr 
21 января 2015