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Geometria Lab

Arrow Sparrows

G04, Emaar Business Park, Building 4 The Greens
Режим работы:
8am- 10pm
  • Ресторан


Arrows and Sparrows has an objective to create an environment that leaves everyone feeling moved about nourishment of food and coffee. Setting a very high standard to produce an experience that everyone wants to  Arrows and Sparrowsremember. Arrows and Sparrows inspires and energizes people of Dubai, rewarding excellence. The team serves one of the best coffee in town and has the best baristas, the team adds fantastic local art, and present the most exciting coffee experience. Their food philosophy aspires to create a casual, simple yet complex dining experience in flavor, full of nutrition food that balances out daily sustainability and amazes everyone. Mde of the finest ingredients and by people with aa lot of passion to cook. Arrows and Sparrows has a very casual vibe in the café and is all about relaxed atmosphere where people can find themselves relaxing after their stressful daily routine. People can unwind and connect around the good company. The staff here is friendly and sport a smile on their faces, they are happy to help so as to cater to every client.


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