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Geometria Lab


45 2 A St
Режим работы:
12:00 pm to 12:00 am
  • Ресторан


At Babel La MerLevantine seafood restaurant Babel, the concept is to blend in to its surrounding culture. Adapting their know how to blend in and integrate the behaviour of the culture with their own.

Babel is a place identified by authenticity, uniqueness and creativity. Ideal and progressive are their standard for designing the journey, while remaining well rooted in their culture. Babel’s journey is to create attention to details, focusing on perfection and to source the best Lebanese ingredients. The handpicked ingredients undergo traditional preparation to conserve the authenticity of their taste and quality.

The food babel la merserved at Babel La Mer branch is remarkable and the service is exceptional. Cold mezze is prepared in time, salads are fresh and crisp. The hummus Beiruti is packed with fresh mint, while fresh baked breads provides a delicious accompaniment. Fattoush, octopus à la provençale are delicious and fresh. Charcoal-grilled sea bream is best Lebanese-style seafood served here. The ambiance set at the restaurant is modern and creative decorations.


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