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Geometria Lab

Crab Market

15th floor, Emirates Financial Towers, North Tower
Режим работы:
24 Hours / 7 Days
  • Ресторан


Presenting crab marketa delectable menu, Crab Market features the most popular seafood items from around the globe. Crab Market DBX offers an exceptional experience combination with delightful dining options complemented by a fashionable ambiance in a seafaring setting.

Serving seafood specialities at the heart of its concept, guests can enjoy an assortment of fresh seafood items, prepared to perfection. Setting a new benchmark for a laid-back seafood dining that offers guests an exceptional selection of Crab which is affordable. The restaurant lays focus on fresh seafood, live crab and will be kept in large tanks of seawater within the dining space. The diverse menu has been curated by award-winning Chef Vladimir Mukhin, who is #23 in the World’s 50 Best, and was most recently the subject of a one-hour episode of the popular Netflix series, Chef’s Table. The team serves specialities like Kamchatka Crab from Russia directly from the suppliers, as well as a range of crab dishes on the menu guests can enjoy these enticing delicacies. The seafood restaurant offers crab that is prepared to customer preferences. All this is served alongside a number of exquisite sauces.


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