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Geometria Lab

SOUNDIT Plaza: Peach b2b Shanti Celeste, Paula Tape, Clap Kent, REPE

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On May 4th we are back in the Plaza Monumental. We will announce the full line-up very soon:

- PEACH B2B SHANTI CELESTE: Peach, now in London, frequents radio waves and raves, hosting NTS Radio shows and sharing line-ups with artists like Pearson Sound. Her genre-traversing sets and releases, including "Silky" and "Galaxy Girl" on Intergraded and Peach Discs, highlight her dynamic musical approach. Shanti Celeste, with a contemporary U.K. twist on Motor City sound, reflects early Techno pioneer visions. Her open production approach and platforms like NTS Radio and Peach Discs showcase her enthusiasm for electronic music, embodying an elevated state in both life and work.

- PAULA TAPE: Chilean DJ and producer Paula Tape, renowned for her balearic expertise, seamlessly navigates global dancefloors with a distinctive style blending underground hits and synth house sounds. Starting her musical journey in Santiago De Chile, playing drums for indie bands, she infused polyrhythmic patterns into her DJ inclination. The percussive essence echoes in her productions, remixes, and sets worldwide.

- CLAP KENT: For Jacobo García López de Araujo, music will always be an integral part of his life. After a decade shaking up the Madrid nightlife, he decides to move to Barcelona in 2021. A collector and DJ, his selection - deep and careful - makes use of forgotten gems presented with a close-up perspective, looking slightly to the left of the horizon.

- Rodrigo Repetto from Buenos Aires, Argentina is a vinyl collector, musician and DJ. He currently lives in Barcelona, where he tells stories in his sessions based on different genres. His selection brings together influences from boogie, disco, house and electronica. REPE takes risks with a casual and unexpected tone to surprise and teach something new to the public.

Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 749, 08013 Barcelona, España