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Geometria Lab

Temple presents: Armen Miran (extended set), PATRICIO, Arya, Gru.di, Ray Kash

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Armen Miran is an Armenian-Iranian born and Los Angeles based DJ/producer/multi-instrumentalist who has made a name for himself as a powerful force in the electronic music industry. With his surreal progressions and unforgettable mixes, he has captivated audiences and peers alike, taking listeners on a journey filled with diverse cultural sonics and ethereal undertones.
Armen began his journey producing electronic ambient and dub techno sounds in 2006, eventually becoming the resident DJ of Armenia's well-known underground venue called Calument.
Since then, he has established himself as an iconic figure in the industry, with accomplishments such as launching his own record label called Hoomidaas Records and an event/production company called Reborn Project. His labels have hosted successful showcases with world-renowned artists and production.

Inspired by his spirituality and nature, Armen seeks to captivate his audiences and take them on a journey within themselves. He combines his past experiences in Europe and the Middle East to create a unique style that sets him apart. His music is driven by his passion for social and environmental causes, and he hopes to leave a lasting impact on his listeners, even if it's just for a moment.
Overall, DJ Armen Miran's accomplishments and unique style have solidified his place as a powerful and iconic figure in the electronic music industry.

Patricio has been forging a style of his own since the first time he stepped behind the turntables in 1992. Sharpening his skills spinning vinyl at small clubs in LA, Patricio’s experience in the early 90’s behind the decks converted into a profound knowledge of what people want on the dance floor. Drawing on the passion and soul instilled in him growing up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he has broken out of all confines of genres. Patricio’s sound has been known to be all over the musical spectrum but ultimately developed into a deep and moody side of house and techno, layered with beautiful melodies and a driving Bass. His sets are always fueled by the never-stopping energy that characterizes him and had been known to last longer than 8 hours at times.

Armen Miran 
Ray Kash 

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