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Geometria Lab


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Jam session incoming and we’re in for a lovely ride with these navigators in the drivers seat:

Spekki Webu

Versatile, exquisite, and resourceful - elements that shape the limitless possibilities of master spellbinder Spekki Webu. Hailing from the unpretentious city of Delft in The Netherlands, this conceptual centipede continues to create an ethereal realm of its own through multiple artistic outlets. Guided by an ethos gained through his involvement in the gabber and tekno movement, Spekki Webu cultivates a trademark sound that can be described as bewitching, persistent, and ritualistic. Whether it is his psychedelic DJ sets, mental live performances, or stellar music productions, the mysterious chief mind expander deconstructs time and space with fierce precision and tactility.

DAY/DEM is a Jamaican-American selector from Kissimmee, FL, inspired by Black Detroit-born artists and electronic music pioneers. Their sets feature electro, minimal, acid, and techno, and they organize events like The Sapphic Party and Pray for Florida. DAY/DEM's energetic, hypnotic, and raw sets aim to connect our physical bodies with the sound-waves they create, offering a transformative, diverse experience.

Born in Santiago, Chile, and having lived in Hong Kong and Tel Aviv, Haumea is an emerging artist delivering elegant and hypnotic techno as well as ambient soundscapes. His music is deeply rooted in nature's rhythms, blending organic elements with hypnotic beats to create immersive sonic narratives that transport listeners to ethereal realms.