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CHICKEN PARIS vol.2 @ XLIB club @ 25 Nov 23:00

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(093) 012 69 91

COSMO VITELLI (I'm a cliché)

Early birds (limited) UAH 50
Door UAH 80

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please use telephone number 093 012 69 91 to book your ticket, be quick!
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Cosmo Vitelli

Biographic elements :
French DJ and producer Cosmo Vitelli has followed a path that questions
the statement made by the label he created: “I’m a Cliché”. Obsessed with the idea of artistic and business independence, he has been patiently digging unsuspected mines of good music for 15 years, as a DJ, as a label head, as a producer and as a simple music passionate.
Cosmo Vitelli was born in 1973 and grew up in the Ivory Coast and the centre
of France. A young adult in Paris, he played as a guitarist in several indie rock bands before he was done with gazing his shoes. Killing time with a 4-track recorder and a sampler, he sent a demo to Alex Gopher and Etienne de Crécy’s label Solid. His first EP as Cosmo Vitelli was released in 1998. Many EPs followed, some hits like “Party Day” and “Robot Soul” broke through the airwaves, and this first period of his producing career logically culminated with the release of "Clean", his first album, in 2003. That was when the story of “I’m a Cliché” began. He created the label in 2004. Releasing his own production without depending on anybody else was the first ambition. Discovering and releasing the production of artists he liked, the second. An aesthetics of the margin took shape. I’m a Cliché has been a balanced mix of club hits and home songs, reverence to the past and experimentation, obstinacy and volatilty. With a pattern of soon-to-be-big musicians : Yuksek, Simian Mobile Disco, Azari & III, Runaway were all memorable signatures of the label. Solo EPs on I’m a Cliché (latest one being "Night Dogs", 2011) or Kitsuné ("Dance with me") were far from Cosmo Vitelli’s only discographic appearances: there also were remixes for Cassius, Etienne de Crécy, Daft Punk, Simian Mobile Disco, Radio Slave, Rodion, Yuksek, Runaway... and, in the late 00s, the founding of new band Bot’Ox with Julien Briffaz, formerly known as a half of Tekel. After several EPs on DFA, DC Recordings and Marketing, the band released its first album “Babylon by Car” in late 2010, on I’m a Cliché, followed a few months later by the soundtrack of french movie "Mineurs 27". On October 17th, they will release a new EP, "Perfect Pair", featuring New York house legend Foremost Poets.

Relatives :

Soundcloud : http://soundcloud.com/cosmo-vitelli [ http://soundcloud.com/cosmo-vitelli ]

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/cosmovitelli [ http://www.facebook.com/cosmovitelli ]

Bot’Ox Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/botoxmusic [ http://www.facebook.com/botoxmusic ]

Bot’Ox – Blue Steel Videos :

Bot’Ox Live on Vite TV :
[ http://www.noisey.com/de/?region=FRANCE&;sortBy=ALL#!/view/meet-botox ]
Bot’Ox Live on Arte :
[ http://liveweb.arte.tv/fr/video/Bot_Ox_a_la_Gaite_Lyrique/#.Tpf4TnH75wM.facebook ]


1998 : first 12 inches on 20000ST, a dirty take on the original French
Touch sound from 1996 which could be seen as a premonition of 2008 new French Touch. Collaborations with Ark, remixes.
2002 : Krikor teams up with Benjamin Morando against villains of all kind,
they found France Copland, a weird ghetto techno project influenced by Detroit Booty as well as IRCAM’s musical research (institut of musical and acoustic research).
2003 : Krikor is more and more interested by sound experiments, he attends
Octavio Lopez course (a famous contemporary music composer) at the conservatory and explores electro- acoustic techniques that he will later incorporate in his productions. Meanwhile, he becomes a resident DJ at Crispin Dior’s party at 333 in East London.
2006 : he creates his own label, Omerta Registrazione and releases 12inches
by Pilooski, France Copland... he also collaborates with various labels such as Tigersushi, Kill The DJ, d-i-r-t-y.. 2008/2009 : Krikor and DJ Chloe start a new duo called Plein Soleil. First release on the famous German label Playhouse.
Krikor’s musical style has become more hybrid than ever, a personal synthesis
of his musical obsessions : the fat groove and old drum machines of Chicago House, the abstract sounds of minimal techno, the urge and energy of Rock(abilly), the harshness of Industrial music, the dark romantism of Folk anti-heroes from the 60s and the forward thinking of GRM lab rats (Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Henry..). The result of this synthesis is a first album « Land of Truth » released in 2009. It’s an intimate and ambitious album, bitter and sweet. 11 cinematic songs featuring the voices of Krikor himself, Chloé (the French Dj) on Everything Fades, Nicolas Ker (from Poni Hoax) on God will and Break It All and Dogs on Trial, Chloé
(the English punkette of Battant) on The Times.
2012 will be the Year of the Crackboy, with already three releases on tigersushi,
Get The Curse and I’m A Cliché under this alias, krikor is cooking Noschool beats, this is only the begining…
some press :
http://delicious.com/krikorola [ http://delicious.com/krikorola ]
Some links :
http://www.krikor.fr [ http://www.krikor.fr ]
http://www.soundcloud.com/krikorparis [ http://www.soundcloud.com/krikorparis ]

http://www.mixcloud.com/krikorparis [ http://www.mixcloud.com/krikorparis ]

http://www.twitter.com/krikorparis [ http://www.twitter.com/krikorparis ]

as Crackboy :
http://www.crackboymusic.com [ http://www.crackboymusic.com ]
http://www.twitter.com/crackboymusic [ http://www.twitter.com/crackboymusic ]
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