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Incredible show La Perle by Dragone

Incredible show La Perle by Dragone

The launch of the unprecedented show La Perle by Dragone in Al Habtoor City, which premiered on August 31, 2017, was a new source of pride for the cultural and entertainment life of Dubai. This show is fundamentally different from anything that has happened in the circus and theater arts of the world before.

La Perle show in Dubai is an exciting fusion of artistic performance, visual fantasy and high technology. La Perle is the largest and most incredible show in the Emirates, and one of the most beautiful shows in the world. 

The Creator and Director of the 90-minute show is one of the most famous Artistic Directors in the world – Franco Dragone.

Franco Dragone is internationally recognized for reinventing the genre of theatre and changing the face of live entertainment in Las Vegas. Some of his most celebrated shows in the last decade include Celine Dion- A New Day, Le Rêve (Las Vegas) and The House of Dancing Water (Macau).

Become a witness of a first-of-its-kind performance that focuses on the story of a girl searching for a lost pearl. The show features 65 world-class artists from 23 different countries, where each of the artists brings to this performance his/her own unique set of talents and skills. In front of the audience, the performers challenge the laws of physics. Moreover, artists do not only perform on stage but also under water in a specially equipped pool– in Dubai you can see this for the first time.

This show features a breathtaking fusion of immersive artistic performances such as 5 motorcycles riding inside a metal, diving from 25 meters high, breathtaking aerial acrobatics – such a variety and a highly skilled team turns La Perle into a unique show of its kind, which you can enjoy with the whole family. 

Contact details:

Website: https://www.laperle.com/en/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laperledxb/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LaPerleByDragone/

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