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Need an event? WE DO come to you!

Need an event? WE DO come to you!

Our life fully consists of the chain of different events - small and great ones, but so much significant at the same time. And the team, passionately devoted to the work, will be pleased to become the organizators of your events.

WEDO event agency is based in Dubai, but is operating for the whole United Arab Emirates. The name of the agency means that WE DO our best to make your celebration the most beautiful, breathtaking and unbelievable.

WEDO team provides their services from the zero point - beginning with the choice of the concept for your event and finishing up with the choice of the fork to lie on the table setting. The gap between the starting and finishing points may include everything whatever your heart desires, this way implementing your unimaginable wishes and ideas! Everything is in the power of the team, so you shouldn't fear your imagination!

Concerning the type of the event WEDO team is eager to organize, the spectre is too wide, and no matter whether the upcoming event is small and cozy celebration or it is a major one: weddings, birthday parties, business events, banquets, different dinners, car presentations, baby showers, immersive shows etc. 

In order to have one common harmonious picture of the event the managers maintain the whole concept, chosen for your celebration, in stylistic: decor, decorations, furniture, table setting, dishes etc. Even the show program, including stunning acts, actors, animators, special effects, is selected according the general stylistic.

In other words, if you like your event to be unique and memorable, then WEDO is your best choice to implement your wild desires into reality! Let the team create your history!

Contact details:

Office: Dubai, UAE. JLT ONE

Telephone: +971 55 338 6545

Website: https://www.wedo.ae/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wedo.ae/ 

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