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Просветленные души

Просветленные души

Following the first opus of Enlightened Souls in Christchurch, I went to
cut my stencils out in Hanoi, Vietnam.
I didn't expected to work on a second series of characters during my journey
in Hanoi, but my schedule went lighter than I thought and I needed to find an occupation.
September was dedicated to a simple trip across Vietnam, as a standard
In Sapa - one of the hot spot for tourism in North Vietnam - I realized
vietnamese city-dweller tourists were a bit sniffy and picky with the local people from the mountains. Tourism doesn't always wear the happy face of a brochure but as tourist myself, I couldn't criticize too hard…
Anyway, this is how the enlightened idea occurred for the second time.
Back in the capital I had two more month to prepare my material. Like a little joke, I thought it could be funny to let some country-side kids wandering in the streets of Hanoi, like country mice visiting their town mouse cousins.

Country Mice [ http://www.behance.net/gallery/Enlightened-Souls-Country-Mice/2985797 ]

[ http://files2.geometria.ru/pics/original/19155196.jpg ]
[ http://files2.geometria.ru/pics/original/19155192.jpg ]
[ http://files2.geometria.ru/pics/original/19155188.jpg ]
[ http://files.geometria.ru/pics/original/19155185.jpg ]
[ http://files.geometria.ru/pics/original/19155182.jpg ]
[ http://files2.geometria.ru/pics/original/19155177.jpg ]
[ http://files2.geometria.ru/pics/original/19155174.jpg ]
[ http://files2.geometria.ru/pics/original/19155169.jpg ]
[ http://files.geometria.ru/pics/original/19155165.jpg ]
[ http://files.geometria.ru/pics/original/19155160.jpg ]
[ http://files.geometria.ru/pics/original/19155156.jpg ]
[ http://files.geometria.ru/pics/original/19155150.jpg ]
[ http://files2.geometria.ru/pics/original/19155145.jpg ]
[ http://files2.geometria.ru/pics/original/19155141.jpg ]
[ http://files2.geometria.ru/pics/original/19155136.jpg ]
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