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They turned everyone 720 degrees around when brought a catwalk show to
a famous London venue: Bond. Just like the real Bond, this time teamed up with the Russian social intelligence force Geometria.ru. Two young English childhood fellas, a photographer and a graphic designer, Ryan Stripe and Samuel Bell launched their new Spring / Summer 2011 Collection under their clothing label Sin Star this January.

Over 300 guests arrived to watch models sashay down the runway in the
rock style T shirts, chinos and varsity jackets by this new English fashion brand. Sin Star lines have started their story in early 2010 suggesting life reflecting apparel for both men and women, although many Tees with wonderful designer prints like 'Her Name Was Daisy' and 'It Was Dark' can surely be worn by cool girls too. Ladies bravely sported some of those Sin Star creations proving a new trend of a 'boyfriend Tee' rather than the all boring boyfriend shirt.

The fashion controversy continued as some of the models, though striking,
do not conform to the standard model look. Sin Star designers did that on purpose to ease the envious eye with the 'We are who we are' strap line to their latest collection. No matter how tall or short you are - no one is perfect, but this brand's clothing says even more to its friends.


- What do the sculls, crosses & like symbolise in your brand?

[ http://files.geometria.ru/pics/thumbnail/13237652.jpg ] Sin Star: The
darker imagery is something that we both find interesting! I think using skulls shows that we can breathe life back into something which is dead or symbolises death and this is a very empowering thought, as we all face the same certainty in the end. The cross may represent the beginning and end of a life but to some it also holds hope, belief and some comfort that we are not alone! In this design it represents hope and not giving up.

- What has inspired your newest collection and what is the key point in
applying design to life?

[ http://files.geometria.ru/pics/thumbnail/13237655.jpg ] Sin Star: Our
latest designs are inspired by ideas we have come up with and evolved to create something which looks stunning, eye-catching and essentially cool! The key point is to both agree on a design. We feel that is nothing short of amazing and believe in our idea.

- What is the next strategic purpose for you as businessmen after a successful
fashion show?

[ http://files.geometria.ru/pics/thumbnail/13237657.jpg ] Sin Star: As
businessmen, our strategy is a secret. We have our own model and vision of how we are going to evolve. Rome wasn't built in a day and our brand represents us as people, so we want to build it one brick at a time! Exposure from the fashion show is not only awesome but a reminder that we are good at what we do!


Singer and songwriter Leesa Desilva from London has joined the event with
her vocal version of Pink and very own originals in Kiss Me I Won't Bite funky tee from Sin Star. No wonder the label has already scored top points for conceptual fusion of the designer world king Alexander McQueen and high street chart topper All Saints' tastes.

The edgy English brand has also received support from progressive Russian
celebrities. Moscow designer Natalia Kolykhalova of her own brand NK Studio and Oxana Davidyuk, director of a top private entertainment company Vivendi in Moscow remarked, 'At first the designs seemed all quite a man's story, however when the girls walked out we discovered a pretty quirky twist to Sin Star's style. The appearance of red bows and tender pink pandas impressed everyone, especially the combination of a masculine and feminine touch that Sin Star naturally encompasses.'

The unique English-Russian fashion collaboration proved, Soviet legacy
has pushed Russians out of a conservative vision yet to another edge; Russian speakers have now developed an appreciation of a young and brave fashion image as opposed to the conservative pioneer attire. That is why fashion critics believe Sin Star will smoothly win its recognition beyond the UK boarders and in Russia, too. The brand now urbanly unites against the authority of idealism and makes one feel unique and happy strolling down London's Mayfair or Moscow's Okhotny Ryad. We've tested it.

Text & PR: Elia Sikorsky

Special guests: Samarqand Restaurant, Trader Vics, KVN UK, RuStyle, Mafia
Club, iRussia TV, VV Magazine, London Info, Zoo Magazine, Front Magazine, Fashion Insider Magazine.
Gratitude: Alexandra Nargiz Gazijants, Capri Hakeem, DJ Allisone, Julia
Boo, BOND club

Photos: Marina Popova, Marc Mordant
Video: iRussia TV
Concept & Styling: Elia Sikorsky, Ryan Stripe, Sam Bell
Production: Ryan Stripe, Sam Bell, Serg MV, Elia Sikorsky, Alex Lipt

Watch the fashion show here: VIDEO [ http://london.geometria.ru/en/blogs/culture/23132 ]
and PHOTO [ http://london.geometria.ru/en/events/fashion/2011/1/15/490544 ] report. [ http://london.geometria.ru/en/events/global-events/2011/1/15/493013 ]
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