Roma Khanov - member of the fast-ascending Deek That music project, resident DJ at the [Pro-Tech] Sound System promo team, the mastermind behind the most important dance events staged in Yaroslavl.

Geo: You started out as a DJ playing breaks. What made you change your style of music?

Roman: I always play the music which excites me at a given moment.
10 years ago, an ideal party to me would be: girls dancing on the counter, the bartenders squirting everybody with water, a line of shots stretching from one end of the counter to the other (much love to Paparazzi Bar, by the way). The dynamics of breaks ideally fitted that format.
Nowadays, I prefer more laid-back dancing at parties where you want to close your eyes and submerge into music. When I play my set, I feel as if I’m diving deep into the water holding my breath and then resurface from time to time to get a fresh breathe of air. At that moment, an incredible surge of energy is being released on the dancefloor for which I dare think people come to the parties. The music I play today perfectly conveys that mood.

Geo: Please tell our readers a little bit about Deek That and [Pro-Tech].

Roman: Deek That is our musical venture, our project, if you wish. It’s rather young but having already acquired its followers, with a very busy schedule of events at which we showcase our exclusive tracks.

Andrey Turukin & Roma Khanov (Deek That)
Andrey Turukin & Roma Khanov (Deek That)

The [Pro-Tech] Sound System is a promo team which stages dance events. It was created back in 98 by the pioneers of the Yaroslavl DJ scene - the brothers Chagin. [Pro-Tech]’s track record can boast dozens of events which went down in history with the performances by the world-famous headliners, the Angar K1 festival and the Sonar radio show to name a few; Andrey and I are proudly continuing that tradition of staging quality music events.

Geo: We know that your team regularly hosts your trademark boat parties. Are you planning something like that next year, do you envision any new formats or, perhaps, you plan to discontinue something?

Roman: We plan to further develop the daytime party format. One of the best memories of this year for us was a Sunday event on the summer terrace of the Shkaf Lounge Bar. Having started dancing at 2:00 pm, our guests weren’t leaving until late in the evening giving endless rounds of applause to our invited guest Gorje Hewek, a resident DJ from the All Day I Dream record label.

Gorje Hewek (All Day I Dream), Deek That ([Pro-Tech] Sound System)
Gorje Hewek (All Day I Dream), Deek That ([Pro-Tech] Sound System)

Another memorable event for us was the Secret Place Open Air rave at a yacht club located on the premises of the local shipyard. Check out how it went down. That party will most definitely need to be relived!

Geo: The other day our [Pro-Tech] group posted the photo coverage of the party held on December 24, 2016 where you were playing b2b with Sergey Sanchez. But nobody had seen any announcement that that event was coming. Is that normal?

Roman: Oh yeah. It was a private party. We had decided to make a pre-New Year party for our close friends and ourselves to which every guest was invited personally without any public announcements. We were inviting people who like the music as much as we do.

Geo: How does one get to your private parties?

Roman: Become a regular at our parties. Every week we showcase our sets at the best venues of the city and keep an eye on the brightest people, whom we eventually have the pleasure to invite to our new events.
If for whatever reason you didn’t catch our sight, please don’t hesitate to write the organizers (myself or Andrey Turukin), but make sure you don’t have Stas Mikhailov in your playlist (grinning).

Geo: In April, we were invited to your Moscow-based party with IZHEVSKI staged at the Mio DJ Café, when you were gathering a bus full of Yaroslavl clubbers. Do you plan any more such group outings next year?

Roman: Well, it will depend on Andrey’s schedule. We usually celebrate his birthday there. Anyway, the Mio DJ Café is a very special place to us and we are always eager to return there.

Geo: You are known for travelling around in search of new interesting parties and festivals. What are the highlights for you in the departing 2016?

Roman: This year for the very first time I visited the ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) festival/conference where I had to pedal around really quick to be able to make it to all the events on my to-do list. The festival program is indescribably rich. During the one night in different venues you have the likes of Einmusik, Rampue, Yokoo, Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, Max Cooper, Gui Boratto, during the other - Guy J, Luca Bachhetti, Frankey & Sandrino, Christian Löffler playing, imagine that?! The same is happening in the daytime when you rush with your Facebook & Instagram Workshop to a masterclass delivered by none other than Richie Hawtin himself.
But, despite such jam-packed planning, I still managed to speak to my favourite artists, meet like-minded people, savour the festival atmosphere and get inspired for my new projects for at least one year ahead.

Geo: Do you already know how or where you are going to celebrate the New Year?

Roman: I can’t imagine a holiday without dancing. That’s why we are staging a huge dance event on the New Year’s night. Our project Deek That will deliver a 3-hour DJ set on the main stage of the Jao Da club. We will play alongside some other DJ’s whose musical preference match ours. For the closest friends we have prepared special bracelets which will allow them to get upstage and dance next to us. I really can’t wait for that party!

Project Manager: Yulia Zhukova & Roman Korshunov
Mouth Geometria: Julia Aryeh
Eyes Geometria: Dmitry Ochagov

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31 декабря 2016