Кинотеатр 28 cinema

Кинотеатр 28 cinema
28 cinema

28 Cinema is the biggest cinema theater in the republic in terms of seats. The theater features six cinema halls which enable to diversify its programme to the maximum extent. Installed at the cinema theater are the next generation digital projectors Barco that employ the cutting edge technology, Enhanced 4К. This technology provides high-end ultrasharp imaging and enhanced image brightness on the screen. Apart from that, it is the first time the new system Xpand 3D has been introduced in Azerbaijan. XpanD 3D is the current global cinema market leader in terms of 3D-technology; it features special glasses with liquid crystal display (LCD) eye-pieces. The glasses used in the 28 CINEMA theater are of an active type and give the spectator the brightest possible image.

The Хpand glasses are quite comfortable, and there are also glasses for children in the product line. Furthermore, you can purchase an individual pair of glasses for personal use at the box office - you can use them at the cinema theater as well as at home in case if you have a 3D feature of any kind in your TV set.

The cinema theater programme is quite diverse and interesting, made up of world premieres and latest movies; furthermore, foreign-language movie screening (in English, Turkish etc) is going to be arranged on a regular basis.

28 CINEMA have anticipated the bonus program "28 СINEMA CLUB" where anyone can participate. There are three types of bonus cards: Junior card for kids between 0 and 12 (with boys and girls design), Standard card and Gold card. The top advantage of the Club is that as card holders purchase tickets, they gain bonuses that can be eventually exchanged for free tickets. Moreover, such cards grant you additional benefits, discounts at restaurants, individual servicing at VIP box office and so on. For more information on terms and rules of the Club, please visit the cinema theater homepage: www.28cinema.az

You may purchase tickets online at the cinema theater homepage or at any Paypoint booth across the city.

The cinema theater is distinguished by its luxury hall called the "PLATINUM MOVIE SUITES". This cinema hall features 30 gorgeous leather Italian armchairs with automatic adjustment function, individual tables and waiter call button. During the show, you can order beverages and even blue plate from the menu of the Blackberry Restaurant.

Coming to the food: the cinema theater features the Express bar where you can buy 9+ types of popcorn (including cheese, chocolate, strawberry, blackberry, grape, raspberry and cherry-taste), soft drinks, ice cream, Nachos, cotton candy and so on. Nearby we have the comfortable Cappuccino Coffee House where you can enjoy a cup of Italian coffee with dessert or a light snack. True gourmets are advised to visit the Blackberry Café & Bar - this place offers fine cuisine of different countries as well as extensive alcohol and cocktail lists.

"Upgrade your cinema experiences with 28 CINEMA!"

Have a nice time and enjoy the movies! :)

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