Бутик Annie Couture

Бутик Annie Couture
Annie Couture

Annie Couture: Style, Grace and Sense of Dignity in Every Detail

This fall in New York will be marked by the most expected event of the year – the opening of the modern fashion house Annie Couture.

Annie Couture is a unique designer brand developed by the talented Russian headliners of the world of fashion, Alex Voice and Anna Garbuzova.

Alex Voice is a famous and important figure in the Russian show business. He is the top stylist of the two leading Russian TV channels – Pervyi and MTV Russia. Stars like Yana Churikova, Polina Gagarina, Irina Dubtsova, Sati Kazanova, and many others trust him with their looks. Alex Voice worked with Polina Gagarina during her successful participation in the prestigious international singing contest “Eurovision” as a member of the popular Russian TV show Golos.

“When I found out that I would represent Russia at the international singing competition Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna, my first thought was not about what I was going to sing. I thought about what to wear on stage. I was certain that the only man I could entrust with this task was Alex Voice. I was lucky; Alex and I don’t just work together, we are also good friends. Now he dresses my team for the show Golos on the Pervyi Channel. I am very happy that I can count on him in any situation and know that there will be excellent outcome,” says Russian singer Polina Gagarina.

And now the titles of creative director and official stylist of the fashion boutique Annie Couture will be added to the voluminous Alex Voice' fashion portfolio. And since a well-known media and PR person, charismatic, sophisticated, and stylish Anna Garbuzova is the mastermind and director of Annie Couture brand, many fashion brands might envy such a creative team.

As envisioned by the Annie Couture organizers, this boutique is destined to become a genuine center of stylish clothing, exclusive accessories, and jewelry. And the real kicker is that due to the specially designed interior, it will become a conceptual space with its own runway, on which fashion catwalks, vibrant performances, and advanced master classes from well-known fashion industry speakers from Russia, Europe, and America will take place. And, of course, is remarkable that the shootings of trendy reality shows on the Annie Couture runway have already been planned even before the official opening.

Annie Couture will open its doors on October 15th, and several conceptual fashion shows and a grandiose presentation of the first limited collection will take place on the same day. The key concepts of this collection include using modern design trends and natural materials. It has elegance, style, and the notion of “tzniut” — a Jewish law on female modesty. The idea of producing a modest women’s clothing line against the backdrop of the overused world cult of a naked female body is not accidental. Annie Couture brand designs prove that a modest dress can look expensive, fashionable, and elegant. A closet of every successful and confident woman should not only contain a small cocktail dress, but also a huge choice of formal, elegant clothes for every occasion — a business meeting, a family reunion, a dinner with friends, or a child's birthday.

As Anna Garbuzova, the founder of Annie Couture, has noted, “Modest clothing can be much more attractive than dresses that expose various parts of a woman’s body. A modestly dressed woman doesn’t seduce with her openness and availability; she provokes curiosity, leaving the stronger sex to wonder about how beautiful and mysterious she is. Elegant patterns, original prints, and color layouts accentuate the body’s beautiful features and help to hide its flaws. Our designs are created to help every woman look presentable and highlight her grace and beauty without exposing herself.” The new Annie Couture collection will prove that there is a new style, a new trend, and that every woman, regardless of her age and constitution can be irresistible.

As a part of Annie Couture’s daily routine, every customer will be able to receive a consultation of the experienced brand's image-makers, who will not only be able to find a particular attire, but also create an ultimate look which includes clothing, accessories, jewelry, and even a hair style. To achieve that, the boutique will present a collection of original headdresses and accessories, as well as precious and semiprecious gemstone silver jewelry, including a collection of Jewish adornments highlighting the beauty and spirituality of the Jewish tradition.

It’s important to note that Annie Couture is the official representative of the premium jewelry brand called New Art Jewellery which unique handmade goods will also be displayed in the boutique. In addition, married women and women who strictly observe the canons of the Jewish religion will be offered high quality wigs made of natural hair.

This multilayered and detailed approach to the formation of the unique look for every woman shows that Annie Couture will certainly not become one of the many fashion boutiques that offer this or that kind of clothing. Annie Couture will be the real purveyors of style, creativity, and elegance; a creative workshop capable of satisfying the tastes and demands of the most picky and pampered clients.

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