Ресторан Orange Grill

Ресторан Orange Grill
Orange Grill

The Food: Welcome to Orange Grill a truly unique restaurant that offers one of the most versatile cuisines in all of New York City. Orange Grill perfectly encompasses Japanese cuisine mixed with French fusion. The choices listed on our menu have been in development for seven years because it is our goal to only serve the most modern and out of this world eats to our patrons. At Orange Grill we don’t seek to recreate any previous type of experience, instead we work hard at creating a rare and wildly exclusive affair. We promise once you drop by to taste some of our key specialties such as the Orange Marinated Grilled Shrimp, Wasabi-Nori New York Steak and the Raspberry Scented Grilled Quails you’ll keep coming back for more. Oh, and our signature cocktails will utterly astound all your tastebuds, we suggest our fan favorites the Passion Fruit Margarita, and the Cucumber Mojito.

The Place: Our interior design goes parallel with our menu style to truly offer our clientele a 360 experience. With orange and coffee bean color decor, here at Orange Grill our guests always feel cozy and relaxed. Keeping in par with Asian tradition like the food we serve, the modern design was constructed with feng shui in mind. We aim to please not just your tasting pallets but also your mind and soul. Our philosophy has always been to contrive the perfect dining experience by taking into consideration that in order for our guests to be happy they have to be delighted with the food they eat, satisfied by the service they receive, and energized by the environment that surrounds them.

There’s no secret why Orange Grill has been a long time favorite for every occasion. The effort we put into pleasing our patrons is unrivaled by any other establishment. Whether you are looking to celebrate a wedding, engagement party, birthday, bridal shower or baby shower we are adamant in ensuring your party will be like no other party. Need a catering service? No Problem. We will bring Orange Grill to you! No matter what you’re looking for we are certain Orange Grill will deliver it to you.

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