Бар Set


We are located on Ave P and McDonald ave in Brooklyn. 1828 McDonald ave is the ultimate spot for a fun spending time in southern Brooklyn. The place has 14 tournament level 9f Brunswick tables, 4 Russian Billiard 12f Tables, a ping pong table for people who like active sports. We also posses over a dozen of Arcades machine, ranging from Boxer to 2 player Racer Games to famous Air Hockey. Besides well prepared Hookas at a cheap price, we offer over 25 brands of Beer selection, and over 20 kinds of soft beverages, which you can enjoy with the various snacks that we have on a display. The place has a reputation of being a relaxed chill out spot, we prevent any misunderstanding among the costumers, so you and your party will not be bothered. The music preference is changing from Classical/Lounge to Techno/Hip-Hop. Hours of operation are 7 days a week, open at 2 pm and close at 2 am or later. The Discounts are available at a certain time periods. Full Bar and membership cards are coming soon. Come in and familiarize yourself and your friends with our Pyramida Billiards Club.

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